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Salient Features of Jalshakti

► Manufactured by State of art Machinery with latest technology appreciated world wide.
► Light Weight: Easy to handle and reduces dead load on structure.
► Strong & Durable : Lasts for years & years. No structural changes or reduction in strength occur even after years use.
► Hygienic : Suitable for potable water. Keep water clean, odour free and do not change the quality of water.
► Rounded edges to avoid stress formation.
► Computer Aided Design (CAD) incorporating the principles of Finite Element Analysis.
► Unique Sun Shield Technology for enhanced durability and avoidance of plastic degradation by sun rays.
► Ultraviolet treatment makes the tank resistant to solar radiation and crack proof.
► Quick and effortless installation : Can be installed in 30 minutes. Requires minimum space for installation.
► Maintenance free : Require No painting, No water proofing and No Maintenance.
► Controls high alkaline, PH value and growth of algae beyond permissible levels.
► Pure & Virgin Quality of raw material (LLDPE Linear Low Density Poly Ethylene) used so as to get superior interior as well as exterior finish.
► Easily Available : Save the time of construction and eliminate delays.
► No water seepage associated with RCC and brick tanks.
► Most cost effective then conventional bricks & RCC tanks.